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The following programs are free to use (read disclamer at bottom).

The icon indicates the required operating system and a flag shows the programs language.
any DOSEnglishTiny Boot Manager 10.11 (Nov 2010) TBOOTMGR.tar.gzip (4kB)
Screenshot of Tiny Boot ManagerOffers a choice of up to 4 operating systems (primary partitions on disk) to start at system boot. It makes use of hiding partitions as introduced with OS/2 boot manager. Tiny boot manager itself however needs no partition nor extra disk space (it only replaces the boot code in the MBR sector 1 and leaves the message pointer locations, NT signature, partition table and boot signature untouched).
It supports (LBA-)partitions greater than 2GB en disks larger than 8GB. It does not support GPT and partitions >2TB.
any DOSEnglish T0-DOS (T0Format + T0DOSMnu + T0Drive) 14.5 (May 2014) T0DOS.tar.gzip (10kB)
A more user friendly variant to "Tiny Boot Manager" with mainly the same primary features and compatabilities. It allows however to escape from partition boot and start DOS instead. An unmodified IBM PC-DOS 1.10 (or 1.0) can be copied in and started from the (generally unused) space of track 0 on your fixed disk as if it were a floppy and is made fully functional for you to run your own DOS 1 compatible utilities! The set of programs are designed to work on computers ranging from ancient PC's up to the current generations of IBM compatibles. IBM-DOS 1.1 system files can be downloaded here. (11kB)

To unpack tar.gzip files under Windows the freeware utility from 7-Zip can be used.

Warning! - Although thoroughly tested and in use on various computers by me,
you may only use these programs at your own risk.
I can not be held responsible for any damage or data loss.